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Who is on the square meal kitchen team?

Square Meal Kitchen is made up of experienced butchers and business partners, Justin Aronoff and Doug Cohen, and Roman Esposito. Justin and Doug are proud owners of Center Cuts, a retail gourmet market that specializes in prime meats & poultry as well as catering for all occasions. The duo is also creating their first restaurant in Manhasset, New York, BLVD 25, an American bistro set to open in September 2017.

What is the deadline to place an order?

Deadlines are as follows: Tuesday @ 2 pm for Thursday delivery Saturday @2pm for Monday delivery

Where do you source your food?

All food comes from the Hunts Point meat market

How much food is in the 6oz vs 8oz meals?

The difference in ounces refers to the protein per meal. Vegetable and carb measurements remain the same. 6oz Meal: 6oz protein, 3oz veggies, 5oz carbs for potato meals/1 cup for any other carb (ie. rice, cauli rice, pasta) 8oz Meal: 8oz protein, 3oz veggies, 5oz carbs for potato meals/1 cup for any other carb (ie. rice, cauli rice, pasta)

Do you discard my meals if I don't pick them up?

If meals are not picked up or purchased by the sell by date, they will be donated

How do I select a delivery date?

You select your desired delivery date when checking out

How do I reheat my meals?

Each meal has specific reheating instructions on their label, but a general rule of thumb is: microwave for 1.5 minutes, stir the food and then heat for another 30 seconds

In case I have allergies, how do I know what ingredients are used in my food?

All ingredients are listed on the labels and under the meal descriptions on the website

Do you have any meal plans?

Not yet, but we plan on creating meal plans in the future

If I place an order can I then cancel it if something comes up?

You can cancel your order up until the deadline by logging in to your account

Can I have a reoccuring order?

We don’t offer an automatic reordering option at this time, but you can save the same meals to your account and easily reorder them after logging in

If I'm not a member of one of the partner gyms/locations, can I still place an order?

If the partner gym/location is open to the public, then yes! If not, you’ll need to place an order at a pick up location that is.

I have a great idea of a new menu item—who should I contact?

Awesome! We’d love to hear it. Send us an email at