Why Your Gym Should Offer Fitness Meals to Members

Why Your Gym Should Offer Fitness Meals to Members

As an owner of a gym, yoga studio, CrossFit affiliate, or other fitness center, you are well aware that your clients' workouts will be for naught without a healthy diet.

Abs may or may not be made in the kitchen, but what's for sure is that people lead busy lives, and even the most determined of your members likely lament the barriers to healthy eating. Among these: cumbersome work schedules, the never-ending quest to achieve the perfect balance between their personal lives and professional duties, and how to best navigate the countless unexpected speed bumps along the way.

So, how important is the combination of nutritious meals and a steady workout regimen to achieving your optimal weight and shape?

Extremely important.

According to Shawn M. Talbott, PhD, a nutritional biochemist and former director of the University of Utah Nutrition Clinic:

“As a rule of thumb, weight loss is generally 75 percent diet and 25 percent exercise."

Talbott cites an analysis of more than 700 weight loss studies, which "found that people see the biggest short-term results when they eat smart," he said. "On average, people who dieted without exercising for 15 weeks lost 23 pounds; the exercisers lost only six over about 21 weeks."

Yet with your clients' busy lives, it's likely a whole lot easier for them to grab takeout after a long day at work and a particularly exhausting workout. While you can give your clients tips and recipes to encourage nutritious eating, you can't do the cooking for them.

What if you could offer them pre-cooked, healthy meals that they can pick up at your location immediately following their workout? Enter healthy fitness meals, the fitness trend taking over the industry!

What Are Healthy Fitness Meals?

Companies styling themselves as healthy meal alternatives are popping up across the country and distributing nutritious eats to local gyms and fitness studios. These offerings consist of pre-portioned, ready-to-eat feasts delivered directly to your location for your members to pick up and enjoy. Packed with healthy ingredients and the proper nutrients that active people need to power them through their day, especially after a workout, they're the perfect complement to your fitness center, and help your clients achieve the results they so crave, while eliminating the stress of worrying about what's for dinner.

Why Your Gym Should Offer Fitness Meals

Offering these meals at your location can help your members stay healthy and create new opportunities for your business. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should offer such fare at your locations:


Fitness enthusiasts know that what enters their body is equally as important as exercise. But between training and everyday life, it may be difficult for your members to allocate the time to shop for and cook healthy meals. Professionally prepared and delivered healthy meals will help your members reach their fitness goals.


Convenience is key. Your members order meals online, select your gym as a pick-up location, and grab their meals after working out. The effort that goes into shopping for a week's worth of dinners at the grocery store could instead be expended doing the things they love, whether it's catching up on a TV series, or spending a day at the beach.


Forget the cooking and cleaning associated with meal preparation. All that's required is gym-goers pick up their meals, heat them up, and enjoy them at home or on the go!


In many cases, people who lead busy lives devote one day of the week to meal prep. On one hand, it makes life easier knowing you won't have to waste time each day preparing meals. Plus, when you have a meal ready to eat, it eliminates the chance of eating out, or giving into a "cheat meal." But a huge downside is that you typically end up eating the same thing every single day.

Sure you can prep a variety of meals for the week, but that's time-consuming and expensive. A better solution is healthy premade meals. The variety of delicious meals that companies such as Square Meal Kitchen offer—from grilled chicken and Santa Fe beef to salmon and ground turkey, among many other options—makes healthy eating enjoyable and stress-free.


These meals are prepared for athletes and gym enthusiasts, like you and your members. They contain fresh and healthy ingredients to power members through their day, and provide post-workout nourishment.


Leave everything to Square Meal Kitchen. They carefully measure each dish into proper portions to ensure your members are satisfied. Plus, each meal identifies the exact number of macronutrients, making it easy for members to keep track of their diet.



Fitness centers across the United States are recognizing the benefits of marrying their fitness expertise with prepared foods to create the perfect solution for members' busy lives. Adding this healthy meal service to your location gives your business yet another appealing amenity to offer, and yet another reason for members to keep coming back for more!


Your members put in hard work at your gym, but that’s only half of the equation. Diet plays a huge part in helping them feel and look their best. By delivering ready-to-eat healthy meals to your gym, you’re helping your members receive the necessary nutrients to maintain their optimal health—bringing them one step closer to achieving their fitness goals!


Offering prepared healthy meals can be the competitive advantage your location needs. By providing healthy meals to pick up at your location, you’re saving members time, and genuinely making their lives less chaotic. Your gym becomes the kind of one-stop shop that new and existing members can appreciate. Additionally, offering such a unique meal option will likely become the talk of the town inside your gym and around the community, thus attracting new members and solidifying the loyalty of pre-existing members.


Depending on the meal service company you choose, there may also be some added financial benefits for your business. At Square Meal Kitchen, each of our locations earns 10% commission on monthly sales. This means more money for you to purchase the latest fitness technology, upgrade equipment, and increase support services.

It Requires No Additional Work.

As a gym owner, offering your customers such meals requires no additional work on your end. The meal prep company will take care of everything: cooking, measuring, delivering, payment methods, and more. (They'll even provide a refrigerator, should you require one!) This way, you can provide clients an incredible benefit without taking on more responsibilities and losing sight of your own business.


Prepared meal services have become more and more common in gyms across the United States, and chances are, your competitors either offer such meal programs already, or have considered doing so. Stay ahead of the competition, and be the first in your area to offer your members delicious, healthy meals.

How Do I Get Meals Delivered to my Gym?

Enrolling in meal delivery to your gym is easy. Healthy meal prep companies, such as Square Meal Kitchen, take care of the logistics, so you can focus on your core business while earning commission and making your customers happy.

Do your research to find the best healthy meal service in your area. Think hard about the benefits of each before making your final decision.

Here are several things to consider:

    • What type of meals do they offer?
    • Will your customers enjoy them?
    • Do they deliver meals directly?
    • Do they provide you with a refrigeration unit?
    • Do you have to pay for these meals?
    • Do you earn commission?

Once you've decided on a meal prep company to partner with, contact them for clarity on anything you don't understand, and familiarize yourself with the overall process.

How Square Meal Kitchen Can Help

Based on Long Island, NY, Square Meal Kitchen delivers healthy, precooked and measured, ready-to-eat meals each week to gyms across Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties for members to pick up and enjoy. Among the meals your gym members can enjoy are buffalo ground chicken, lemon and dill salmon, chicken meatballs, Santa Fe beef and more, as well as low-carb options. So, for instance, a client can select vegetable linguine over traditional pasta.

Our meals are loaded with proteins and complex carbs. This provides gym members the nutrients necessary to get them through the day and replenish their bodies after workouts. We carefully measure each meal into proper portions. Plus, each meal identifies the exact number of macros, making it easy for members to keep track of their diet. We also offer family size meals so your members can bring them home for the entire family to enjoy!

When you become a Square Meal Kitchen Distributor, your location transforms into a one-stop shop for members to get incredible workouts and healthy meals.

Additional benefits include:

  • 10% commission for affiliates on each month’s orders to your location.
  • Increased customer loyalty. Workout and a meal? They’ll never go anywhere else!
  • Increased foot traffic to your business through an “Open to the Public” option.

Enrolling to have Square Meal Kitchen delivered to your gym or studio is easy, for you and your members.

Here’s how it works:

1. Contact a sales representative at Square Meal Kitchen.

2. Select the Square Meal Kitchen refrigeration option that works best for you.

3. Choose whether you want your location to be “Closed to the Public” or “Open to the Public” (i.e. Only gym members can order food OR anybody can order meals to the pick-up locations.)

4. Customers create profiles on the Square Meal Kitchen website, order their meals to your location, and pay online.

5. We deliver the meals on predetermined days. Each order is separated into individual bags.

6. Customers pick up their meals to enjoy.

Contact Square Meal Kitchen Today And Transform Your Gym, Yoga Studio, Or CrossFit Affiliate Into The Ultimate Workout Destination!



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