Which Meal Prep Company Is the Best for Your Gym?

Which Meal Prep Company Is the Best for Your Gym?

As the owner or manager of a fitness center, you probably already know all about the many benefits of partnering with a meal prep company. Your members receive healthy, ready-to-eat meals, and you improve customer loyalty and may even earn commission. Deciding that your gym needs a meal prep company is easy, but finding the best one to partner with might be a bit difficult.

How do Meal Prep Companies Work?

These services do all of the planning, prep and cooking, so you can focus on running your business. They eliminate the grocery shopping and related chopping and cleaning from your clients busy lives, making eating healthier easier and more convenient than ever before.

Here's how it works:

  1. You choose a meal prep service to partner with.
  2. Your clients select meal(s) from a menu of delicious items carefully chosen to offer balanced nutrition and just the right amount of calories.
  3. The meal prep company will deliver all of the meals your clients order to your location on a specific day each week. Each client's meal will be in its own individual bag, so the meals are organized and easy to find.
  4. Lastly, your clients pick up their meals when it's convenient for them.

How to Find the Right Meal Prep Company

There are several key factors to consider when choosing a meal prep company for your gym.

Your Location

Since the meals are delivered right to your gym, it's important you choose a meal-prep service that is nearby. This will ensure your meals are delivered on time, each week, and that they'll be as fresh as possible.

The Meals Prepared

Take a look at their menu to see the full spectrum of goods they offer, then think about your clients. Are the meals healthy and macro-friendly? Are these meals that your clients would enjoy? Does the menu have enough variety, so your clients won't get bored of the same meals? Make sure the menu has meals you'd enjoy, too, because if you wouldn't order them, chances are your clients won't, either.


How much do the meals cost? Make sure they're in a price range your clients can afford.


It's important to read the reviews on a company's website and social media pages to ensure their customers are happy. This will be a good indication that the meals are fresh and delicious, and the meal prep service delivers the meals on time.


Do you own a gym, yoga studio, CrossFit box or other fitness location on Long Island? Square Meal Kitchen can help. We deliver high-quality prepared meals to our partners across Long Island. Our meals are the perfect solution for your busy clients who don't have the time to meal prep. They're healthy, tasty, macro-friendly, and most importantly, convenient.

We provide a wide range of meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (including low-carb options), so your members have plenty of variety to choose from each week. Our menu changes seasonally (don't worry, we keep the crowd favorites on there!) and offers delicious options, including:

Once members place orders, we'll deliver these meals to your location on the designated day.

Our meals are great for your overall business, too. Your location will earn 10% commission on all orders each and every month!

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