Gym Meals Delivered: The Top Trend You Need to Know

Gym Meals Delivered: The Top Trend You Need to Know

After a long day's work and a particularly strenuous workout, one of the last things you want to do is whip out the cutting board, fire up the stove and try your best to cook a healthy meal, hoping it won't undermine all the hard work you just put in at the gym. The quickest solution may be grabbing snack food, or a quick bite from a local restaurant or deli, though gym members typically condition themselves to eliminate unhealthy food from their diets.

Consistently accomplishing that goal is much easier said than done, however, there may be a more convenient and healthy alternative: individualized meals delivered right to your gym.

Such a service is exactly what your body needs. Meals delivered directly to your local gym can help you avoid unhealthy temptations, and provide your body with the nourishment it needs, especially after subjecting it to a grueling workout. It's no wonder why having healthy meals delivered to your gym is the trend sweeping the fitness industry!  

The benefits extend to fitness centers as well, because it transforms gyms into one-stop shops for two crucial parts of everyday life: a vigorous workout, followed by a healthy and savory meal. As designated pick-up locations, gyms could have healthy, prepared food sent right to their building for your customers to grab and enjoy. And it's the perfect solution for gym-goers who struggle to maintain healthy eating habits because they can’t find the time to cook a nutritious meal. Not to mention: It’s a great addition to fitness centers.

Help Your Members Stay Healthy

Fitness enthusiasts are intimately aware of what enters their body, which is equally as important as exercise. But between training and everyday life, it may be difficult for your members to allocate the time to shop for and cook healthy meals.

Professionally prepared and delivered meals are the fitness trend that will help your members stay on track with their exercise goals, and save them money.


Your members order the meals they want (for breakfast, lunch, or dinner) online, select your gym as a pick-up location, and grab their meals after working out. Time they'd typically spend at the grocery store could instead be used at home, whether catching up on a TV series or getting some work done.

No Prep Time:

Forget the cooking and cleaning associated with meal preparation. All that's required is gym-goers pick up their meals, heat them up, and enjoy at home or on the go!


In a lot of cases, people who lead busy lives often devote time on a specific day to prepare meals for the entire week. On one hand, it puts your mind at ease knowing you won't have to waste time each morning preparing lunch. A huge downside, however, is you eat the same thing every single day, and meal prepping is time-consuming. Square Meal Kitchen provides a variety of delicious meals for people to choose from and enjoy, making a healthy diet enjoyable.

Designed For Health:

Our meals are prepared for athletes and gym enthusiasts, like you and your members. We ensure that each meal contains the proper amount of protein and complex carbohydrates to power members through their day, and nourish them post-workout.


Leave everything to us. We carefully measure each meal into proper portions. This way, your members eat the right amount of food they need to fuel their day. Plus, each meal identifies the exact number of macros, making it easy for members to keep track of their diet.


How it Helps Your Fitness Center

Fitness centers across the United States are realizing that marrying their expertise with prepared foods is the perfect solution to their members' busy lives. Adding this healthy meal service to your location gives your business yet another appealing amenity to offer.

Happier Clients

On top of helping your clients reach their fitness goals, you want them to love coming to your location. By offering healthy, pre-made meals, you’re achieving both of these. Your clients will love being able to pick up pre-ordered offerings from your location right after their workout. Plus, satisfied members are your best marketers, as they’ll likely be raving to their friends about your gym, possibly leading to increased membership.

Increase Profits

Depending on the meal service company you choose, there may also be some added financial benefits for your business. At Square Meal Kitchen, each one of our locations earns 10% commission of the sales for the entire month. This means more money to help maintain and even improve your business.

Don’t have nutritious prepared meals in your kitchen? Square Meal Kitchen can help. We deliver healthy, measured, and delicious ready-to-eat meals to your location each week for your members to pick up and enjoy!

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