Eat Clean With Prepared Meal Delivery

Eat Clean With Prepared Meal Delivery

Remember that phrase, "garbage in, garbage out?" It might have started as a reference to computing and input quality, but the truth is that it has much broader applications. Food is the fuel your body uses to function, and if you put garbage in, you're likely to get less out of your body performance. When your body isn't performing well, it can lead to all sorts of problems. Getting good nutrition is an important factor for your overall health, and when you don't have time to meal plan and prep, it can be a challenge.

The Personal Cost of Poor Nutrition

Poor nutrition can lead to a lot of health problems. Not only are there long-term issues that can crop up (type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc.), there are also short-term problems that can affect your performance. Hair loss, nail pitting and skin issues can all develop due to nutritional issues. That doesn't even mention exhaustion, trouble sleeping, stomach upset, etc. The list goes on and on. What you eat has a direct impact on how you feel.

What a Healthy Diet Looks Like

For many, the challenge to eating well starts with an understanding of what a healthy plate of food should look like. Older versions of the food pyramid had you loading up on carbs and limiting the protein. Today, nutritionists push the opposite. Carbs are a great choice if you do a lot of hard physical labor, but with the more sedentary jobs of today, they just act as extra, unnecessary fuel, which means extra calories and weight gain.

Protein as an energy source lasts longer and doesn't leave you feeling tired a few hours after eating. The trick to any healthy diet plan starts with a single word --moderation. You should be eating a bit of everything, with a focus on more fruits and veggies. Lean protein fills up the next largest section on your plate, followed by a small serving of carbs.

Eating Clean on a Budget

Eating out can give you a jump on healthy eating if you pay attention to the menu. Most places mark low-calorie, heart-healthy entrees so you can find them quickly when you order. The downside of this approach is the cost. Eating out gets very expensive very quickly. So what do you do when you can't afford to eat out and don't have the time to spend shopping and planning for healthy meals? Getting clean meals delivered is the option that can work for your health and your wallet.

How Clean-Eating Meal Delivery Works

Services like Square Meal Kitchen do all of the planning, prep, and cooking for you. They require no grocery shopping, chopping, or cleaning and they're super easy to get. Here's how it works:

  1. You select your meal from their menu of delicious items that are carefully chosen to offer balanced nutrition and just the right amount of calories.
  2. Next, you select the day of the week and location that's convenient for you and your fresh meals will be waiting for you to pick them up.
  3. Last, you pick up your meals when it's convenient for you, heat up your meal, and enjoy at home or on-the-go.

These pre-made health meals mean you don't have to be a genius in the kitchen to enjoy food that really does fuel your body.

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