5 Reasons to Get Meals Delivered to Your Gym

5 Reasons to Get Meals Delivered to Your Gym

One of the latest trends taking the fitness industry by storm is pre-cooked, pre-measured, healthy meals delivered to gyms, yoga studios, zumba studios and more. A convenient alternative to weekly meal prepping, these are perfect for your busy members striving to stay on track with their fitness goals.

These meals are not only great for your members, but also hold plenty of benefits for your business, too. Here are five reasons why you should get meals delivered to your gym:

You'll Have Happier Members.

With everyone's busy schedules nowadays, even making it to the gym is an accomplishment. Imagine how happier your members will be, then, knowing they no longer have to spend additional hours grocery shopping or prepping meals—now, all they need to do is workout, grab their meals, and enjoy!


You'll Increase Foot Traffic & Build Member Loyalty.

Every gym or fitness studio owner wants the secret ingredients to increasing membership and building loyalty. The two go hand in hand. By providing healthy meals to pick up at your location, you’re not only saving members time, but genuinely making their lives less chaotic. Your gym becomes a one-stop-shop—for an amazing workout, and a super-healthy meal! Members won’t want to go anywhere else, plus, they'll likely tell their friends! 


You'll Be Helping Your Members Reach Their Fitness Goals.

Your members put hard work in at your gym, but that’s only half of the equation. Diet plays a huge part in helping them feel and look their best; abs are made in the kitchen, after all! Unfortunately, you can’t be with your members every second of the day to make sure they’re making healthy food choices to help them reach their fitness goals. By delivering ready-to-eat healthy meals to your business, you’re helping ensure your members receive all the vitamins and nutrients they need to attain, and maintain their optimal health—bringing them one step closer to achieving their fitness and wellness goals!


You'll Earn More Money.

Who doesn't like a little extra cash in their pockets? When you enroll with Square Meal Kitchen to have pre-made, healthy meals distributed at your gym, you earn 10% commission from its monthly sales! This means more money for you to purchase the latest fitness tech, upgrade equipment, and increase support services to make your gym the very best.


Your Competitors Likely Already Offer Meals In Their Gyms.

Prepared meals have been popping up in gyms across the United States, and chances are, your competitors already offer them—and if they don’t, they're likely to, very soon! Stay ahead of the competition, and be the first in your area to offer your members pre-made, healthy meals.

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