About Square Meal Kitchen

How It Started


We're butchers. Sorry to "toot our own horn" but we're actually really, really good ones. If you know New Yorkers, Long Islanders in particular, then you already know that we're pretty picky. (To put it mildly.) That's why we can brag. You don't last as a butcher in New York if you don't know what you're doing. 

Because we work exremely long hours, it's important for us to exercise and stay healthy. Probably not the first thing you think of when you think of a butcher, but it's true. We're gym rats and yoga enthusiasts. Eating well and staying in shape is essential because we're on our feet all day and working under pretty grueling conditions. Marrying our passion for great food and healthy lifestyles just comes naturally, which is why we started Square Meal Kitchen. 

In our busy lives, it's more important (and more difficult) than ever to fuel our bodies with high-quality protein and veggies. For years we prepared meals on-the-go for our customers and they raved about them. So when we saw the explosion of prepared meal companies it didn't take us long to jump on board. No offense to the other providers of prepared meals - there are some terrific companies out there - but we have to keep bragging a little bit to explain why Square Meal Kitchen is a cut above the rest. 

First off, we're in the food and happines business. We're not backed by a venture fund and don't have a group of techies behind closed doors creating an online "concept." We have a substantial commercial kitchen operation with highly skilled culinary experts who know how to craft a great meal. Where you start in this business matters, and for us it starts in the kitchen. 

Square Meal Kitchen is more than just the meals themselves. As business owners we understand the importance of healthy employees, happy customers, foot traffic and repeat business. So the real heart and soul of our business model is our partner program. Square Meal Kitchen is the healthy meal engine that allows gyms, yoga studios, vitamin and nutrition shops and others get into the prepared food game. We even have a corporate program that provides private access to company employees to order meals directly and have them delivered to the office.

We didn't want to limit ourselves to distributing food in New York, although it's our home and we love New Yorkers and they love us. We wanted to bring great New York-style healthy meals to the nation. Thus, Square Meal Kitchen was born. 


Meet The Team


doug cohen




Yes. I do yoga. If you worked with Justin every day you would too. Seriously though, the culinary arts are in my veins. From establishing a successful butcher shop and running a high-end restaurant to creating Square Meal Kitchen, I truly love what I do. 

justin aronoff



And I stay in shape so Doug doesn't try to push me around. While I do go to the gym as much as possible, my first love is baseball. Baseball, great food, working with my best friends. It's a good life. We're just as passionate about what's happening at SMK. 

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Someone has to do the numbers and keep both of these guys under control. That's me. Roman. I've known these guys for a long time and have never enjoyed working on anything as much as SMK. I'm the one to speak to if you're interested in a partnership.